The Rose Valley Museum at Thunderbird Lodge “Going to the Show”


Grove Park Inn – site of the National Arts and Crafts Conference

In baseball, “going to the show” means a minor league player will get his first chance to play in the major leagues. The Rose Valley Museum and Historical Society is literally and figuratively “going to the show” this year. The RVMHS has been invited to exhibit at a true big league event in Arts and Crafts, The National Arts and Crafts Conference in Asheville, North Carolina on February 19 – 21

The RVMHS’s booth was donated by show director Bruce Johnson.  The Foundation thanks Mr. Johnson, a respected author and publisher of Arts and Crafts Collector, for his support of our mission.

Members of the RVMHS will man the booth for the weekend getting the word out to thousands of serious collectors and historians about the restoration of Thunderbird Lodge and the future Rose Valley Museum.

Hit it out of the park guys!