Give Now

The Rose Valley Centennial Foundation’s efforts to maintain the “magic” of Rose Valley will be funded by either grants from other foundations, gifts by corporations or by donations from individuals like you.  Your tax-deductible contributions represent the life-blood of our efforts.

Remember that Rose Valley’s “magic” can only be maintained with your help. Please be generous.

Send a check made payable to the
Rose Valley Centennial Foundation
41 Rose Valley Road
Rose Valley, PA 19063 

Please include your return mailing address, and, if possible, your e-mail address.

A receipt for your tax deductible contribution will be mailed to you.
Thank you for your support. Please let us know if you are employed by a matching gift company.

The following giving levels will be recognized in our annual Stewardship Report:
$3,000 and up (William Lightfoot Price Level)
$1,000 (Vernon Brothers Level)
$500 (Antrim Osborne Level)
$250 (Maurice Saul Level)
$100 (Mary McLaughlin Level)
$50 (George Greer Level)

The Rose Valley Centennial Foundation is a 501(c)(3)