It’s Back!

Last year limbs from the huge ash tree at the Rose Valley Heritage Garden and Veterans Memorial fell and crushed the trough that caught the water from the millstone fountain. Apparently Be Prepared is followed by Be Perpetual because Connor McGaffin, the Eagle Scout who worked on the original construction of the Memorial Garden, stepped up and recreated the waterproof trough with the help of his father, Jim McGaffin. This was no small feat as the rusted trough is not waterproof in its original state (or rusted), so Team McGaffin had to recreate a number of steps to get us up and running (literally) again. The Rose Valley Centennial Foundation thanks the McGaffins for their continued contribution to the Magic of Rose Valley.

Photo by Connor McGaffin

Thank you Destination Delco

Destination Delco gave Thunderbird Lodge and the Rose Valley Museum and Historical Society’s lecture on Illustration from WWI great coverage on their website. Take a look here

pictured above RVMHS president Morris Potter; James C. Thompson presenter and author of two books on American Illustrative Art; and Ryan Berley, curator of Rose Valley Museum. 

It’s a Sure Sign

Nothing says Coming Soon quite as well as a brand new sign. But the sign erected in front of Thunderbird Lodge in anticipation of this year’s museum opening isn’t exactly new. It was re-purposed from the Traymore sign, which the developers kindly gifted to the Rose Valley Centennial Foundation when that community sold out last year. Keep watching this beautiful tile-topped sign for announcement of future coming events.  In the meantime, you can keep up with all the events at Thunderbird Lodge here.

RVMHS hosts colorful lecture on stained glass

house-of-democrat-gnomeRichard Prigg, proprietor of Sycamore Stained Glass in Lansdowne, presented Arts and Crafts in Stained Glass at Thunderbird Lodge on Sunday November 11. Prigg is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and was the general manager of Willett Hauser Architectural glass. The audience who eschewed the Eagles game learned that traditional stained glass is clear and that opalescent stained glass made popular by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the late 19th century was considered by purists as a fad.


Mr. Prigg also provided history on Nichola D’Ascenzio and his collaborative efforts with William and Walter Price. Photos of the stained glass in Rose Valley like the example below are included in the 2016 Rose Valley Museum and Historical Society calendar which can be still purchased for a reduced price of $10 plus shipped (if required) while supplies last. Contact to order yours.

While Thunderbird Lodge has no stained glass, it rose to occasion for the event with a stunning display of color of its own framed by the pillars of the lower studio deck.


Sunrise Ceremony at Veterans Memorial

Quite a turnout for the raising of the flag over The Rose Valley Heritage Garden and Veterans Memorial this morning at sunrise as each vet shared their story of their service to our Country. Thanks to Jim and Connor McGaffin of Rose Valley Boy Scout Troop 272 and Mayor Tim Plummer for conducting the flag raising ceremony. rvcf-veterans-day-2016-cropped

Masquerade Makes Money for Museum and Great Memories

masquerrade-stephensWill Price began the masquerade tradition in Rose Valley; it continued last night at the Rose Valley Museum and Historical Society’s Masquerade at Thunderbird Lodge. Charles and Alice Stephens (or at least reasonable facsimiles) were on hand to welcome guests.  The highlight of the evening was the live auction in the Lower Studio. Harvey the Entertainer (aka Harvey in the Morning from the radio to local oldsters) did a phenomenal and very funny job during as our auctioneer. Proceeds will go to pay for the Museum’s collection and ongoing Museum expenses. It was a wonderful, wonderful night in Rose Valley.




Auction items were previewed in the Upper Studio. Guests wined and dined in the living and dining rooms of the main house. The costumes were fabulous.  Museum Curator Ryan Berley was dressed as Will Price in his role in the Mikado.masquerade-costumes



Thunderbird Lodge is all lit up and ready for the Masquerade!

  • thunderbird-masquerade

Do you have your ticket for the big event on October 29th? Don a costume or come as yourself, but don’t miss an evening of fun at this fundraiser. A live auction of art, furniture, dinner for 8 and more benefits the Rose Valley Museum and Historical Society, which plans to open a permanent museum at Thunderbird Lodge next year. To get your ticket, while they last, visit

Well Look at Us!

Thunderbird Lodge is on the cover of the latest edition of the Delaware County Regional News. Thank you to the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce for featuring Rose Valley as One of Delaware County’s Historical Treasures.  Click here to see it for yourself


New York New York…has wonderful taste in museum displays

Price at MetWhy yes that IS a Will Price Library Table in front of Will Price stain glass panels at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Does it seem unfair to you that you have to go to New York to see Rose Valley Furniture on display?

If our upcoming annual giving request is successful, the renovations to Thunderbird Lodge that are required to open the Rose Valley Museum will be complete in 2017.  Then you can see the Museum’s collection of Rose Valley Furniture right here in Rose Valley.

And if you are a fan of stained glass, don’t miss the lecture on Stained and Leaded Glass slated for Thunderbird Lodge coming up on November 13, 2016.

Everybody’s Buzzing about Thunderbird Lodge

Castellan cropped…especially the honey bees that have taken up residence in one of Will Price’s signature bay windows at Thunderbird Lodge.
Rose Valley’s best known beekeeper, Jim Castellan, tried to determine the hive’s location inside the wall.
Left alone, the hive would could create mold and attract rodents.
We are currently trying to come up with a way to encourage our industrious and valuable visitors to move to a more appropriate location on the property. .

Rose Valley is a leading attraction among the Delaware County Historic Sites

DestimationDelcologoFrom Destination Delco:

Delaware County is the fifth most populous county in Pennsylvania…
and the third most compact. The county was created on September 26, 1789, from part of Chester County, founded in 1682, and named for the Delaware River that defines its southeastern border.

Though small in size, Delaware County is large in history. The William Penn Landing Site Monument at Penn and Front Streets in Chester marks the spot of the first landing of Penn on the territory of Pennsylvania in 1682.

Click here to read more

Here’s the scoop – New residents learn about Rose Valley at an Ice Cream Social at Thunderbird Lodge

Ice Cream Social 2 Ice Cream Social 1

Nearly 50 families have moved to Rose Valley in the last 1000 days. We thought it was time to introduce these folks to the “Magic” of Rose Valley. What better way to do that than at an Ice Cream Social held at Thunderbird Lodge? Then we invited Rose Valley’s organizations to meet the new Rose Valleyites and encourage them to join or participate. Ice cream from the Franklin Fountain was scooped by Barbara and Dan Sheehan on Thunderbird Lodge’s beautifully breezy porch at the June 12th event. RVCF president TIm Plummer literally changed hats, donning his Mayor of Rose Valley ceremonial top hat to invite everyone to Rose Valley Borough’s annual 4th of July celebration a the Rose Valley Pool.

Our plans – and our azaleas – are blossoming!

TL azaleas

The clearing at Thunderbird Lodge encouraged the azaleas to put on a fabulous show this spring. Work on the landscaping continues to open up new views of the building – but the really exciting news is that plans are coming together for exciting renovations for the first floor studio.  Hopefully  we can raise the funds to have these renovations finished in time for all the programs planned for 2017!

Gatehouse Garden Is Glorious

Gate houe May 2016 1 Gatehouse May 2016 2

Most residents of Rose Valley (and a lot of visitors to Hedgerow) have noticed our award-winning Rose Valley Heritage Garden at the gate house on Old Mill Lane. But if you have only driven by, you are missing the best parts. Despite the cold damp spring (or maybe because of it) the garden is glorious right now. While it can always use a little weeding, the view from the patio is worth strolling up the steps to view.  The RFCV thanks our dedicated designer and maintenance crew member Margery Howe for her continued efforts in making this one of the most beautiful spots in Rose Valley.   If you would be interested in signing on to join Margery and Bill and Gale Hale to help maintain the Heritage Garden, let us know at

Rose Valley Centennial Foundation Wins Preservation Award

Heritage Award photoOn May 4, 2016. the Delaware County Council and the Heritage Commission of Delaware County for Preservation Planning. This award recognized our efforts from the Rose Valley Historic District’s inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places to our current work on Thunderbird Lodge.
Attending the ceremony were (front row l to r) RVCF Treasurer Paul Schregal, President of the Heritage Commission Rich Paul, RVCF President Tim Plummer, RVCF Board member and award application submitter Andy Detterline, RVCF VIce President Chip Essick, Delaware County Councilman David White (back row l to r) County Council members Michael Culp, Colleen Morrone, Mario Civero and John McBlain.