Don’t be snowed – things are still happening at Thunderbird Lodge

TL snow pix
Okay – so this may be what Thunderbird Lodge looks like today right after the Big Storm of 2016. But plans are moving forward for the Rose Valley Museum and Historical Society‘s first official event at Thunderbird Lodge when they become the official tenant of the studios this spring for the handsome fee of one red rose a year (and $1 because it is the law these days that you have to include a financial consideration.)

On Sunday April 10th, Sue Keilbaugh will present a lecture on Alice Barber Stephens – in Mrs. Stephens studio – which Ms. Keilbaugh lived in when that studio was a rental apartment. How cool are all those Thunderbird Lodge connections?!

To prepare for this event, the Rose Valley Centennial Foundation is about to start renovations on the first floor studio. Those renovations will include the removal of the half-wall partition, the closets, and the kitchen peninsula.

The Alice Barber Stephens Lecture is just the first of the programs that the RVMHS has slated for Thunderbird Lodge.

On October 16th the RVMHS will host a Life Drawing Class in Thunderbird Lodge. Accomplished artists will work in Charles Stephens studio with the Plastic Club, an organization founded by a group of Howard Pyle’s students including Alice Barber Stephens, that was intended to further career opportunities for female artists. The lower studio class will be lead by the Wallingford Community Arts Center and will be appropriate for beginning and intermediate art students.

In November, the RVMHS will present Stained and Leaded Glass and its Importance in the Arts and Crafts Movement.

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