Masquerade Makes Money for Museum and Great Memories

masquerrade-stephensWill Price began the masquerade tradition in Rose Valley; it continued last night at the Rose Valley Museum and Historical Society’s Masquerade at Thunderbird Lodge. Charles and Alice Stephens (or at least reasonable facsimiles) were on hand to welcome guests. ┬áThe highlight of the evening was the live auction in the Lower Studio. Harvey the Entertainer (aka Harvey in the Morning from the radio to local oldsters) did a phenomenal and very funny job during as our auctioneer. Proceeds will go to pay for the Museum’s collection and ongoing Museum expenses. It was a wonderful, wonderful night in Rose Valley.




Auction items were previewed in the Upper Studio. Guests wined and dined in the living and dining rooms of the main house. The costumes were fabulous.  Museum Curator Ryan Berley was dressed as Will Price in his role in the Mikado.masquerade-costumes