More on our Board

Our Board of Directors is made up of many people you already know.  Their photos and their reasons for supporting the Rose Valley Centennial Foundation are provided below.

Click on each director’s name to read more about that director’s background.

Tami Caesar Tami Caesar
Term expires 2020
“Rose Valley is a uniquely special place to call home. I believe that the best way to show my appreciation for all that our community has to offer is to work to ensure that it continues to be a welcoming place of natural beauty with a strong connection to it’s past.”

Bruce Everett Hunt
Term expires 2020
“I was first drawn to the Rose Valley Community as a young student at the school in Rose Valley in the 1960’s. I loved the shade and the trees and walking trails of the borough. It struck me as a very special place and one that I wanted to be part of later on in my life. With good fortune, we moved here in 2016 and feel deeply rewarded by the decision and want to do as much as we can to preserve the magical history that is Rose Valley – the people, the institutions, and the good works. “
Lynn Kelley Lynn Kelley
Term expires 2020
“I moved to Rose Valley Borough in 1983 and soon discovered its unique character and history. I joined the Rose Valley Centennial Foundation to help preserve the historical and cultural treasures in this community.”
Tim Plummer Tim Plummer
Term expires 2020
“Rose Valley is magic place. We need an organization that will work to keep it that way and make it even better for generations to come.”
Jack-Reohr-Web Jack Reohr
Term expires 2020
“I am primarily interested in preserving the tree aspect, the communal pathways, and the natural spaces that make R V a wonderfully different kind of suburb.”

Nick Slagis Edward (Nick) Slagis
Term expires 2020
“We moved to Rose Valley in 2016 and deeply appreciate its roots in the American Arts and Crafts Movement. As we’d expected when we moved here we’ve found our friends and neighbors are very warm welcoming people. I joined the board to be able to participate in, and preserve and advance the long held principles and values of this community.”