Stewardship Report

Rose Valley Centennial Foundation Stewardship Report

January 2012 – August 31, 2016

The Rose Valley Centennial Foundation thanks the following friends for their financial support

Red Rose Society (over $5000)

Bill and Gail Hale
Tim Plummer
Jack and Pat Reohr
Gena and Jim Scanlon
Mike and Beverly Smith
The Estate of Stephanie A. Stachniewicz
Nancy Townsend

William Lightfoot Price Level ($2,500 to 4999)

Mary Attig
John and Janet Caldwell
Margaret Christensen
Bob and Eileen Cramer
Bill and Ursula Erb
Chip and Susan Essick
Laurie Grant
Lynn Kelley and Jim Castellan
Kurt and Pam Medina
Paul and Bette Schregel

Vernon Brothers Level ($1000 – $2499)

Andy and Don Detterline
Jim Harrison
Mike and Donna Josbena
Bill and Alison Keffer
Jim and Jennifer McGaffin
Morris Potter
Sautter Crane Rental
Geoff and Saundra Shepard
Trudy and Laird Slade
Ken Stein and Sandy Strine

Antrim Osborne Level ($500 – $999)

Michael Adesman and Susan Weil
Chad Bardone
Jon Bauer
Ralph Eagle
Steve and Merle Fischer
Charlotte Goldsmith
Susan and Joe Hare
Beth and Sam Ruby
Glenn and Penny Sass
The Thomas Family Foundation

Maurice Saul Level ($250-$499)

Daniel and Janine Berstein
David and Michele Bozentka
Bill and Joanne Cavanaugh
Geoff Cox and Carol Kroch
The Cramer Grandchildren
Bob and Paula Healy
Margie Howe
Steve Karlovic and Tami Caeser
Mike and Rosa Kurtz
Roger Luo and Winnie Zhang
Stephanie Middletown and Will Carr
John and Kathleen Neilson
Stuart and Carol Ockman
Andy Saul

Mary McLaughlin Level ($100-$249)

Frank Antico, Jr
Suzanne and Tom Barton
Deb and Carl Becht
Scott and Gretchen Bruce
Pete and Estelle Citrenbaum
Mike and Wendy Dignazio.
Dave and Carol Erbe
Carl and Dru Finkbeiner
Rebecca Finley and Clarence Fortner
John and Mary Flynn
Lynn and Alan Gee
Marty and Janet Goldstein
Cheryl Harner and Malcolm McHarg
Dick Jacobs
Christina Jacobsen
Oliver Keithly and Sheeliah Weekes
Ed and Marilyn Koons
Scott Laughlin
Theodora Lengowski and Georgine Zamonski
Russ Lorraine and Rebecca Cooke
Rodney Dexter and Sadie Sommerville
Jeanne Lovern
Ken and Debbie Margolis
Gene and Kathy Martell
Media Quarry
Al and Barbara Meyer
Mike and Peggy Oswald
Gerry and Mary Ann Perry
Martha Ralphe and Laura Okami
Miriam Reisbord
Ned and Marie Russell
Barbara and Jean Sadek
The School in Rose Valley
Bob and Kathleen Siwicki
Mimi and Craig Spangler
Betsy and Eric Stedje
Richard and Marion Taxin
Robert Taylor
Earl and Mina Varney
Ken and Cathy Wareham
Tom and Cheryl Weir
Ed and Suzanne West
The William Penn Foundation
Lester Zeitz

George Greer Level (up to $100)

Kathy Barham
Florence Brown
Sheila Coyne
David and Maggie Dee
Phillip and Jodean Desilva
James and Deborah Fooskas
Mimi Hall and Bill Keilbaugh
Millicent Hull
John Kasper and Jan Markham
Sid and Laurie Kolpas
Lawrence Kutys and Virginia Gibson
Jane Miluski
Richard and Teresa O’Flynn
Linda Farell O’Grady
Pete ad Ellen Ottinger
Sharon Plummer
Garth and Julie Randell
Mike and Gabrielle Rinaldi
Willa and James Schell
Dan and Barbara Sheehan
Fairman and Pam Thompson
Barbara and Dick Warden

If you attended the Once in a Lifetime Tour, $40 of your ticket price was considered a charitable donation for tax purposes. Ticket purchasers are not listed above, but thank you for your support of our event and for your interest in the Rose Valley Centennial Foundation.

Your annual donation is so appreciated and so critical to the future of the Foundation

Thank you!


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